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"As you know we had another California quake today. We used the system to send out mass notifications to campus personnel and it performed flawlessly..."

-Henrie Watkins SSS LLC

Threats come in all forms. These include but are not limited to:

Aircraft (fallen), Avalanches, Abductions (adult or child), Biological, Blizzards, Chemical, Cold (severe), Earthquake, Earth-slides, Explosive (bomb), Explosions, Fires, Floods, Heat (severe), Human (terroristic), Hurricanes, Radiological, Riots, Smog, Storms (severe), Tornados, Trains (derailment), Tsunamis, Typhoons, Volcanic, Workplace Violence, and more.

Enter X-tier Countercepts' EVE eContingency™ - a hosted Web-based Emergency Management Portal System for any organization in any industry regardless of size.

EVE eContingency™ for Higher Education

A Scalable Real-time Web-based Emergency Management Portal For All

EVE eContingency™ is a hosted Web-based Emergency Management Portal System for any public and or private university or college of any size; is aligned with, and supports, NIMS recommendations for the private sector. EVE eContingency™ Emergency/Crisis Managers, Business Owners, Property Managers, Security Personnel, HOA Coordinators, or other designates, with the necessary tools to plan, manage, train, react, adapt, alert, recover, provide access to, and communicate critical information from a centralized point during single or multiple events; this to preserve and limit the loss of life and property while reducing potential liability.

From a mass communication perspective EVE™ eContingency™ supports public, private, and targeted, notifications (by group, area code, zip code) from the system; including the logging of all communication via the system’s tamperproof blotter. The system also receives and processes replies to notifications from mobile devices and emails where they can analyzed and assigned to any incident allowing for true two-way communication between users and the system's operators.

EVE™ eContingency™ also allows the cataloging of facility safety and hazard information, the centralized management of emergency plans, operations plans, flood and fire plans, evacuation and training plans, checklists, surveys, files, tasks, MSDSs, and procedures, to help prevent and or reduce the potential loss of life and property in the event of an emergency whether nature or human initiated.

Data protection and privacy is accomplished by multiple layers of system security and compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard or PCI DSS as this standard is rigorous. This, with the additional integrated EVE Intercept (pat. pend) security technology makes the EVE eContingency a security centric and hardened system.

Repeatedly Proven in Action!

During several 2009 Los Angeles-area Southern California incidents, in response to alerts on human terroristic actions, earthquakes, and the H1N1 virus outbreak, the system allowed Emergency Personnel to manage, identify, communicate, alert, and distribute, multiple forms of information which includes but is not limited to documents, images, video, sound, text, email, data files with respect to those threats as identified by NIMS recommendations for the federal and private sectors in efforts associated with detecting, deterring, and reacting to single or multiple threats.

Each Emergency Management Portal System can be operated from local or remote desktops and or laptops via Apple's Safari, Microsoft's IE, or Mozilla's Firefox Web Browsers using wired, WiFi, or WiMAX connections to the Internet; or for increased power, mobility, and physical security, the system can be accessed and operated from any Apple 3G iPhone using WiFi or AT&T's 3G network!

Pricing: Pricing is annual and begins at $15,000/year or $1,250/month... contact us

Solutions MSRP Range:

$15,000 ($1250/month) to $35,000+ annually (depends on configuration size).

*Day/Child Care and Learning Centers, Private Associations, HOA, and Renter Communities, are paid by parents, members, and or community residents as a small yearly fee - Not by the Center, HOA, Business, or Association. See PENNSIL on our "About Your Specific Solution" Page.

Minimum System Requirements:

1.2GHz CPU, 1GB RAM, LAN, WiFi, WiMAX, or 3G iPhone, Internet Connection

Works With:

Internet Explorer 6.0+ | FireFox Portable 1.5+ | Safari 3.2.2+ | 3G iPhone OS 2.2.1+

Technology facilitates response/recovery speed and let's face it, being able to send and receive up-to-date notifications and still coordinate emergency actions while on the move is not a nice to have...it's a necessity! Imagine carrying a complete Emergency Management System in your Pocket! Accessing and operating your Emergency Management Portal System from your iPhone is just that easy!  WiFi is readily available, mobile phone providers have high speed extremely reliable 3rd and 4th Generation (3G / 4G) data networks; WiMAX is growing nationally.  In an emergency you cannot take your desktop with you and you may not have time to grab your laptop - however, with your iPhone handy EVE eContingency goes where you go! 

EVE eContingency™'s Apple 3G iPhone Safari compatibility not only allows you to run the system on the move during an emergency, but allows continued operation, control, coordination, communications, and information access, to your system from the field and still allows updated notifications to be sent to, and received from, system users in real-time... more info

Our Current Condition Level

  • Large & Small Institutions

    Workplace Safety is always a concern; the majority of time away from home, for most, is spent at work. As is tragically evident from history, workplaces are not free from events such as fires, hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, and human acts of violence/terrorism. EVE™ eContingency™ is used to prepare, control and centralize information as well as effectively send, log, and process communications to managers, employees, security personnel and others.

    Regardless of company size, EVE™ eContingency™ is proven and can save lives ... more

  • Higher Education

    California 2009 continues to see EVE™ eContingency™ used to prepare, control and   centralize information as well as effectively send, log, and process communications to students, faculty, staff, security personnel and others in measured responses to earthquakes, fires, and biological outbreaks...  more

  • Safe Schools & Childcare Centers with EVE™ eContingency™

    Secondary Ed & Childcare Centers

    PENNSIL™ - State laws require parents to be notified immediately if an emergency condition exists with their child(ren).  Easy if it is one child - what happens when it's10, 30, 80 or more, parents that need to be notified instantly?  Is your Pre/Elementary School, Day/Child Care or Learning Center part of the Parental Emergency Notification Network?  If not then find out the how and why...   more

  • Safe Communities with EVE™ eContingency™

    Safe Communities

    How prepared is your neighborhood?  See how HOAs, Hotels, Rental Complexes, and other communities can and are, using X-tier Countercepts' Safe Community powered by EVE™ eContingency™ to share information and get the word out fast in the event of severe weather, industrial accidents, stranger danger, neighborhood watch, and regular community events...  more